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Unsecured financing for your small business without a bank loan. Let us finance your business!

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(?) FAQ's

How can I be approved?

- If you have an existing business in the USA there is a 95% you may be approved! Complete our online web form to get started, it only takes a few minutes

Do I need a merchant account?

- No! Unlike a merchant cash advance which is based on credit card processing volume only, we offer businesses that do not accept credit cards funding based on total revenue by proof of bank statements.

How long does the application process take?

- Just minute!. Apply online, by fax, email, or phone

When will I know if I have been approved?

- Typical approval takes less then 24 hours, likely will be same day!

Is this a small business loan?

- No. Unlike a loan, we do not charge interest on borrowed funds, we apply a factor rate to future sales.

I've been declined by the bank; So...?

- So what! Unlike banks, we invest in good businesses not just credit scores and collateral. Any business, even after being declined by the bank may apply for our unsecured loan alternative.

How It Works

(?) How It Works

Step 1:

Complete an online application, or you can print our online application and scan or fax it back.

Step 2:

Review our funding offer(s) and decide which level of funding would best benefit your business.

Step 3:

Once an offer has been accepted, we will file the necessary paperwork and directly deposit the funds into your account.

Step 4:

Payback is calculated based on a percentage of your future sales, with care taken not to impose on the requisite cash flow of your business.

Step 5:

Your business grows!